Sublimation aluminum sheet CHROMALUXE mat white [no 52]


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Mat white sublimation sheet from CHROMALUXE series.


 Color: white
 Finish: mat
 Measurements: 304 x 608 mm

Detailed information about the product can be found in the further part of the description.

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Sublimation aluminum sheet CHROMALUXE no 52


Product description

The highest quality metal sheets giving spectacular effects from the ChromaLuxe series. It is definitely thicker than all other sheets on offer, covered it is the largest number of polyester layers. Suitable for very faithful and durable photo reproduction while preserving details and rich color palette. Special coatings they provide prints with increased resistance for UV radiation.


Finish :mat
Color :white
Measurements :304 x 608 mm
Series :Chromaluxe



Sales unit:1 sheet
Collective packaging:50 sheets/box


Usage information

Before making transfer remove the protective foil from the sheet.




Transfer technology

Transfer to the sheet can be made using any flat transfer press. When making sublimation print on A4 and larger formats, we recommend extending the specified standard transfer time. Platinum sheets are heated by "through paper" method, the sheet with the attached print is inserted into the press so that bottom of print has contact with the plate.


Transfer parameters


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