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We provide full technical support in operation on devices (printers and transfer presses), as well as printing on products from our offer. If you need some information about Grawerton technology, technical advice or service information, please contact our technical support department by phone or e-mail.

Technical support



+48 58 55 43 569


Transfer parameters

All transfer parameters are available in each product description in "data sheet" tab.


Service requests

If the order has any damages, please follow the steps below. All reports are very important to us.

  1. Download service request template (.pdf) and complete it.
  2. If you receive an item that appears to have been damaged in transit, make sure to note the specific areas of damage, and keep our take photos of the original packaging so we can file a claim with the carrier. Let us know there's an issue as soon as you receive the item.
  3. Send completed service request on:




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