Argo Flex CRAFT foil for iron-on transfers 30x50 cm - White
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Argo Flex CRAFT foil for iron-on transfers 30x50 cm - White

Flex CRAFT foil - Create unique decorations

Flex CRAFT foil with which you can create unique designs and lettering on T-shirts, bags, caps or even children's clothes, giving them your style.
Flex Craft foil provides not only a permanent decoration, but also the pleasure of creating designs.

Flex CRAFT transfer film - A wealth of colours and finishes

Check out our range of Flex CRAFT films and explore a variety of colours to tailor your designs to your individual preferences and needs.


THICKNESS: 90 microns
COLOR: White

Detailed technical data and transfer parameters can be found later in this description.
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Durable printing effects with our Flex CRAFT foil

With the CRAFT flex foil, almost any type of clothing or textile can be decorated effectively and permanently with soft, tactile applications cut into any shape. It has a self-adhesive polyester backing to facilitate the application of the film, which makes its application simple and pleasant.

CRAFT flex film has been designed for ease of use and an excellent end result.

Argo Flex CRAFT foil - ideal for hobby projects

Our CRAFT flex film, cut to a 50x30 cm format, has been specially designed for hobbyist iron-on printing. You can easily cut it with cutting plotters, giving you the opportunity to create unique designs even at home.

Outstanding properties of Flex CRAFT

FLEX thermal transfer film is an 90 micron polyurethane material that provides an excellent end result. It is flexible, stretchable and durable, making garments designed with it pleasant to wear and easy to maintain.

Thermo-transfer in your home with Flex CRAFT foil

Flex films are commonly used in thermal transfer. Cut on a cutting plotter, they can be easily transferred to a variety of materials using a transfer press. The adhesive is thermally activated - under the heat of the transfer press.

High quality and safety

Compliance with the Oeko Tex 100 Class I standard confirms that our film is completely safe for the environment, as well as for skin, allergy sufferers and young children.

Convenience of using Flex CRAFT film

Argo Flex CRAFT film is a fabric that is resistant to washing, cracking and fading. The elasticity of the film means that it works with the fabric when applied, offering wearing comfort and ease of maintenance. Can be washed at up to 60°C!

Variety of choices

Depending on the properties of the film and the desired end effect, there are many types of flex film: standard, metallic, glitter, neon, reflective - there is something for everyone.

How do I transfer the Flex CRAFT film onto the fabric?

Argo Flex CRAFT film can be cut using a cutting plotter. We recommend cutting with a standard knife. The cut shapes (mirror cut) are removed from the backing and then transferred to the material.

Transfer parameters:

  • Temperature: 140 °C
  • Time: 10 s.
The flex film can be applied using any flatbed transfer press. The polyester backing peels off 'hot'. We recommend fixing the application in the press for a further 2 seconds. Transfer scheme "through print".

Textiles that are not suitable for film coating are nylon, neoprene and water-repellent impregnated fabrics.

Technical details:

THICKNESS: 90 microns

Material and finish:

MATERIAL: Polyurethane
COLOR: White


Transfer temperature
Transfer time:
10 s.

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