Metal pin 58 mm 100 pcs/pack.
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Metal pin 58 mm 100 pcs/pack.

Metal pin 58 mm - Your infinite creativity

Set of 100 metal pins with a diameter of 58 mm - your opportunity to express your creativity, create unique promotional gadgets and souvenirs.

Metal pin in three steps

Our pins consist of three key elements: a solid metal clasp, an overlay and a special foil. Create your own designs, prints or logos and we will provide you with the necessary components to make them.

Check out how to make a pin, mirror, magnet or opener:

*NOTE: The pins are only intended to be made on moulds and equipment from the Grawerton range.



Details can be found later in this description.

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The use of pins

Pin-ups are an excellent promotional tool. Ideal for use at conferences, corporate events or as gifts for clients. They also make it possible to label goods, organise events or occasional marketing campaigns.
Not only for companies, but also for all kinds of events - proms, camps, concerts, festivals, social events and more!

Give them character with your own designs and patterns.

In size 58 mm you will make:

Complete pin-making kit

Each pin consists of three key elements: a solid metal clasp, an overlay and a special foil. The process of creating the gadgets is simple and rewarding.

The paper pin graphic design is prepared by yourself (it can be a logo, name, other graphics).

Comfortable pin making::

The special paper cutter ensures the precise cutting out of the perfect circle, saving you time and ensuring a perfect finish.


COLOR: silver
WIDTH: 58 mm
WEIGHT: 0,2 kg
GUARANTEE: 12 months


SALES UNIT: 1 pack/100 pcs.



Why Grawerton?

We are longest actively selling sublimation company in Poland.

With use of our technology, our sublimation items and instructions you will get very high quality results.

Strong technical assistance for our technology

On our page, next to every product we provide detailed instructions for sublimation of our every product.

We offer marketing support - open versions of some of our promotional materials in various formats.

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