Machine for buttons / pins 58 mm
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Machine for buttons / pins 58 mm

Machine for buttons complete with mould
58 mm

Machine for buttons complete with 58 mm diameter mould for pin making and more!

Unique promotional gifts

Create original, unique gadgets that will become an integral part of your business. Choose our pin maker and create a variety of accessories

Check out how to make a pin, magnet, mirror and opener:

*NOTE: The machine is designed exclusively for making pins from components in the Grawerton range.



Details can be found later in this description.

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The Perfect Choice for Your Brand

Open new horizons in gadget creation with our unique pin maker! It's a device that takes creativity to the next level.

One Device - Many Possibilities

Handmade Gadgets - Your Unique Business Card

Advertise your business, event or passion with our gadgets. With the pin machine you will create unique advertising accessories that will make you stand out. Not only for companies, but also for all kinds of events - proms, camps, concerts, festivals, social events and more.

Robust and Durable

The frame of our razor is made of steel, ensuring many years of usefulness. Resistant to intensive use, it allows you to create goodies without limits..

Size to Suit Your Ideas

In our range you will find moulds with different diameters: 25 mm, 37 mm, 44 mm and 58 mm. This guarantees that your designs will be perfectly tailored to your needs, allowing you to create gadgets of the size of your dreams. The base of the machine is universal, so you can fit moulds of the diameter of your choice.


COLOR: black/silver/gold
DIMENSIONS: width: 8 cm length: 25 cm x height: 36 cm
WEIGHT: 5 kg
GUARANTEE: 12 months


SALES UNIT: 1 machine with 1 mold


Why Grawerton?

We are longest actively selling sublimation company in Poland.

With use of our technology, our sublimation items and instructions you will get very high quality results.

Strong technical assistance for our technology

On our page, next to every product we provide detailed instructions for sublimation of our every product.

We offer marketing support - open versions of some of our promotional materials in various formats.

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