Heat press for 5 mugs Schwitzler Grey RAPID
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Heat press for 5 mugs Schwitzler Grey RAPID

Transfer press for 5 mugs from Schwitzler Grey series 

The Schwitzler GREY series is our proprietary line of transfer presses, designed with the needs of users in mind.  
The Schwitzler Grey RAPID  5-mug transfer press , is a device aimed at those with large print runs.

Schwitzler Grey RAPID 5-cup transfer press

Schwitzler Grey RAPID is the answer to the needs of those involved in the production of personalized mugs by sublimation. Thanks to innovative technology and precise solutions, the RAPID press ensures fast and efficient order processing. 


TYPE OF PRESS: 5-station mug press 
CONTROLLER: Electronic
MUG DIAMETR: 7,5 - 9 cm

Detailed technical data can be found later in this description.

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Schwitzler Grey RAPID flatbed transfer press

Transfer presses are an indispensable tool in sublimation technology, enabling the precise transfer of designs, graphics and photos to various types of surfaces. With the RAPID press, we can transfer the most creative designs to a variety of mugs, cups, or oval ceramic products, giving them a unique character using sublimation technology.

Each device in this series has been carefully designed and manufactured to meet the needs of our customers.With the Schwitzler Grey RAPID mug press, orders for mugs can be processed much faster.

With the Schwitzler Grey RAPID press, you will create mugs that complement your special events. 

Speed and efficiency with the Schwitzler Grey RAPID

The Schwitzler Grey RAPID press allows transfers of mugs with diameters between 7,5 and 9 cm to be made, giving a wide range of personalisation options. The machine comes with 5 heaters for classic mugs with a capacity of 330 ml. Now you can make as many as 5 at one time, making it ideal for producing larger batche.

Each station is individually adjustable in time and temperature, allowing different cups, with different parameters, to be heated. It is also possible to transfer just one mug, without heating the other covers.

Functionality and convenience

Operating the Schwitzler Grey RAPID press is extremely easy thanks to the large and intuitive control panel with LCD timer. You can easily set the desired time and temperature, and an audible signal will inform you when the process is complete. 

The controller will automatically stop heating when the set temperature is reached, ensuring safe and efficient operation. 

Reduce production time with Schwitzler Grey QUADRO transfer press

Automatic timer activation when the lid is closed and an audible signal when the transfer process is complete make work more effective and efficient.

Excellence within your reach

The Schwitzler Grey RAPID press is a robust and easy-to-use device, perfect for those new to thermal transfer technology. 

With the Schwitzler Grey RAPID flatbed transfer press, you can personalise mugs quickly and efficiently, creating unique and attractive products for your customers! 


SERIES: Schwitzler Grey
TYPE OF PRESS: 5-station mug press 
SIZE OF THE PRESS: 92 x 36 x 35 cm 
OUTPUT: 5 X 350 W
POWER: 230V/50-60Hz
CONTROLER: Electronic
WEIGHT: 35 kg
GUARANTEE: 12 months for device, 3 months for heater




Before starting work, read the OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS.

The manual (.pdf file) can be found in the downloads tab.




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