AMOR DUO sublimation mugs - set
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AMOR DUO sublimation mugs - set

AMOR DUO sublimation mug - The perfect gift for lovers!

The AMOR DUO mug set is an excellent choice for couples wishing to express their feelings in a unique way.

AMOR DUO sublimation mug - Mug for couples

A set of two white mugs, whose shape and heart-shaped ear emphasise the romantic nature of the gift.

CAPACITY: 330 ml
HEIGHT: 95 mm
WIDTH: 82 mm

Detailed technical data, transfer parameters and an imprint template can be found later in this description..

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AMOR DUO sublimation mug - A gift for two

AMOR DUO mugs for sublimation are the ideal gift for lovers, they are also perfect as a special gift for a best friend or mother. AMOR DUO mugs are not only practical, but also a touching gift for important occasions such as Valentine's Day or an anniversary.

Their charming design means you can start the day with a smile on your face every morning.

Thanks to sublimation technology, you can transfer the graphic of your choice onto them, be it a sentence, a picture or the names of your recipients..

Design for AMOR DUO mugs

Place the graphic on the side of the mug, you can trim it beforehand, this will make it easier to fit it to the surface of the mug. In the case of a concave mug, it is important to note that the design should be narrow because there is much less space here.

Additional instructions before thermal transfer on AMOR DUO mugs

Before transferring a concave cup, the time should be extended almost twice as long, up to 90 seconds. This is due to the fact that the heater cannot evenly cover its entire surface, which can cause heat to escape.


CAPACITY: 330 ml
HEIGHT: 95 mm
WEIGH: 350 g

Material and finish:

COLOR: white
FINISH: Glossy


SALES UNIT 1 set - 2 pcs.


Transfer technology
Product is designed for sublimation printing. To make the print, you need a transfer press for cups with a diameter of 80 mm or a transfer oven / 3D press with clamp support.
The print (printer with sublimation ink and sublimation paper) should be made in a mirror image and have dimensions of 97x200 mm.
Transfer temperature (press with start and end temperature, e.g. Schwitzler White Horizon):
Start temperature: 150 ° C, final temperature: 165 ° C
Transfer time (press with start and end temperature, e.g. Schwitzler White Horizon):
50 s / 90s
Transfer temperature (press with one temperature, e.g. Schwitzler Lokomotiv PRO)
Transfer time (press with one temperature, e.g. Schwitzler Lokomotiv PRO):
190 s
After the transfer, cool the cup quickly by placing it in hot water or putting the bottom up in a cold room.
Additional information
The parameters are only an approximate value and may vary depending on the transfer press used, the heater condition or the ambient conditions.

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