Sublimation paper for mugs in sheets of 250 pc. GRAWERTON PAPER
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Sublimation paper for mugs in sheets of 250 pc. GRAWERTON PAPER

Sublimation paper for mugs

For printing on mugs, fitted to the size of a standard mugs!

Sublimation printing paper:

In the pack you will find up to 250 sheets of cut paper, ready to prepare your design for a standard-sized mug! You no longer need to cut the paper yourself. Use the ready-made solution!

Basic data:

FORMAT: 240 x 100 mm
PACKING: 250 sheets
GRAMMATURE: 120 g/m2

Detailed technical data and transfer parameters can be found later in this description.

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What is sublimation paper for mugs?

Grawerton PAPER sublimation paper in sheets is designed for printing on mugs. You no longer need to cut a whole sheet of paper to fit your design onto a mug. You can prepare a design for just one mug and use a single sheet of paper without having to cut the paper to fit. The sublimation paper for mugs fits the mug extremely easily.

How do I pritn on sublimation paper for mugs?

Printing in this method begins with the application of special inks to the sublimation paper. Then, during the transfer process, the polyester-coated object in question is subjected to the effects of increased pressure and temperature. At the design stage, all you have to do is adjust the printing settings to the dimensions of the paper, then place the sheet in the printer feeder adjusting the rail layout to the size of the sheet and you're done!

What are the properties of the sublimation paper?

GRAWERTON PAPER sublimation paper, thanks to its special coating with microscopic pores of the right density, ensures very short drying times for prints. This is particularly important for printers with high printing speeds or for serial prints.

The selected basis weight and fibre arrangement ensure that the paper behaves appropriately at the temperatures encountered during transfer. Opt for durability! Thanks to the sublimation process, the prints transferred on the paper become an integral part of the material, which guarantees their durability and resistance to abrasion and fading.

GRAWERTON PAPER sublimation paper on mugs is the highest quality paper, ideal for sublimation technology and thermal transfer.

We recommend using Grawerton PAPER paper together with Grawerton INK inks for optimal transfer results.

How is the sublimation paper packaged?

The paper is sold in a cardboard box wrapped in foil to protect the sheets from mechanical damage.


FORMAT: 240 x 100 mm
APPLICATION: Sublimation printing on mugs
GRAMMATURE: 120 g/m2

Purchase options:

SALE UNIT:  1 box. - 250 sheets

Usage information:

The paper should be stored in its packaging, protected from moisture and mechanical damage. The paper should be stored in its packaging, protected from moisture and mechanical damage. The sublimation paper is used for printing on products intended for sublimation (made of polyester or coated with polyester).

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our export specialist.


Why Grawerton?

We are longest actively selling sublimation company in Poland.

With use of our technology, our sublimation items and instructions you will get very high quality results.

Strong technical assistance for our technology

On our page, next to every product we provide detailed instructions for sublimation of our every product.

We offer marketing support - open versions of some of our promotional materials in various formats.

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