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Grawerton PAPER

Grawerton PAPER is a new generation sublimation paper. Thanks to a special coating with microscopic pores of the right density, it ensures very short drying times for prints! This is very important in the case of printers with high printing speeds, such as the Ricoh SG 3110 DN, when making serial prints.

The selected basis weight and fibre arrangement ensure that the paper behaves appropriately at the temperatures encountered during transfer. The paper provides high detail and extremely high colour saturation when sublimation printing on both soft materials such as textiles or plastics and hard materials such as ceramics, aluminium or stone.

We recommend using Grawerton PAPER together with Grawerton INK inks for optimal transfer results. The paper is sold in a cardboard box protecting the sheets from mechanical damage.

GRAWERTON PAPER sublimation paper is the highest quality paper, ideal in sublimation technology and thermal transfer.

Sublimation paper for mugs in sheets of 250 pc. GRAWERTON PAPER
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Sublimation paper for mugs For printing on mugs, fitted to the size of a standard mugs! Sublimation printing paper: In the pack you will find up to 250 sheets of cut paper, ready to prepare your design for a standard-sized mug! You no longer need to cut the paper yourself. Use the ready-made solution! Basic data: FORMAT: 240 x 100 mm PACKING: 250 sheets GRAMMATURE: 120 g/m2 Detailed technical data and transfer parameters can be found later in this description.