Sublimation shopping bag LINEN
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Sublimation shopping bag LINEN

LINEN shopping bag

Printable bag from the LINEN series with a timeless shape and generous size. Made of polyester with a special weave that looks deceptively like natural linen.

LINEN sublimation shopping bag

LINEN bag is designed for sublimation printing, so it is possible to transfer to it any graphics, personalized inscriptions, logos, dedications or photos. Printing with the sublimation method makes the printed surface smooth and durable.

WIDTH: 420 mm
HEIGHT: 380 mm

Detailed technical data, transfer parameters and printing template can be found in the following description.

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LINEN Sublimation Product Series 

LINEN series is a line of products created with modern trends and ecological solutions in mind. The polyester material used in these products, thanks to the appropriate fiber weave, perfectly imitate natural linen, both in terms of look and feel. LINEN series products are perfectly in line with current trends, offering modern design and high quality. LINEN series is the perfect solution for those who appreciate aesthetics and functionality, perfectly matching the decorative and functional trends.

Unique product features

  • Material: polyester with a structure resembling natural linen guarantees durability and resistance to damage, which ensures the longevity of the print.
  • Functionality: the bag is extremely roomy and durable, ideal for everyday shopping, beach, school or picnic, making it a versatile product with a wide range of utility.
  • Color: Elegant, neutral shade.
  • Dimensions: Capacious and comfortable, with enough space for all the necessary items.
  • Duriability: Thanks to the high-quality material, the bag is resistant to daily wear and tear, which guarantees the satisfaction of end customers. In addition, the bag has a lining that supports its durability.


With the possibility of personalization through sublimation, the bag can become a unique advertising medium, an ideal promotional gadget or an original gift. Create unique, personalized printed bags for special occasions such as birthdays, holidays or anniversaries, offering them as unique gifts. Ideal for marketing purposes - imprint your company logo, slogan or promotional graphic, then offer as a practical promotional gadget.


MATERIAL: Polyester
PRINTING AREA: 420 x 380 mm




Transfer technology
The product is intended for printing in sublimation technology. It can be printed in any flat press.
The print (printer with sublimation ink and sublimation paper) should be made with mirroring.
Transfer temperature
185 °C
Transfer time:
50 s
Additional information
The parameters are only an approximate value and may vary depending on the transfer press used, the heater condition or the ambient conditions.

Why Grawerton?

We are longest actively selling sublimation company in Poland.

With use of our technology, our sublimation items and instructions you will get very high quality results.

Strong technical assistance for our technology

On our page, next to every product we provide detailed instructions for sublimation of our every product.

We offer marketing support - open versions of some of our promotional materials in various formats.

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