Linen Heart pillowcase
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Linen Heart pillowcase

Heart-shaped pillowcase for sublimation. The perfect product for loved ones!

LENGTH: 440 mm
HEIGHT: 380 mm

Detailed information about the product can be found in the further part of the description.

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Product description:

The LINEN product line was created based on an extremely interesting material. The fabric is made of 100 percent polyester, providing possibility of printing with technology of sublimation. At the same time the right fiber weave makes it resemble appearance, color and feeling in touch of natural linen. With the right one graphics (graphic works best vector) allows you to create it unique, possibly popular design. In the LINEN series everyone will find a product for themselves!
Pillowcases in two shapes and a under plate pad - those fit perfectly well in both modern and traditional interiors. Zippered beautician will be liked by every woman. Durable, roomy bags is a great offer for customers individual as well as for companies. Backpacks from the LINEN series are universal proposal - they will appeal to everyone regardless of gender and age. The LINEN series is a perfect complement to the rich product offer of sublimation items from Grawerton!


FABRIC: Polyester
COLOR: Beige
PRINTING AREA: 430 x 380 mm (heart)


Transfer technology

The product is intended for thermal transfer (printing with sublimation technology). It can be printed in any flat press with the right size heating plate. To prevent the material from sticking under the influence of high temperature, both sides of the product should be separated immediately after removing the product from the press.




Transfer technology
The product is intended for printing in sublimation technology. It can be printed in any flat press.
The print (printer with sublimation ink and sublimation paper) should be made with mirroring.
Transfer temperature
185 °C
Transfer time:
50 s
Additional information
The parameters are only an approximate value and may vary depending on the transfer press used, the heater condition or the ambient conditions.

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