Women's t-shirt MAIA 200, size: M
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Women's t-shirt MAIA 200, size: M

Women's sublimation t-shirt for your brand

Women's T-shirt designed specifically for sublimation printing. Its waisted and fitted cut makes it perfect for accentuating a woman's figure.

Women's white t-shirt for sublimation M

With sublimation technology, you can make any graphic design on the T-shirt, including photos and graphics of unlimited size. The print is permanent, indelible to the touch. 

SERIES: Maia 200
CUT: Female
COLOR: White
FABRIC: Polyester

Detailed technical data and transfer parameters can be found in the following description.

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T-shirt for sublimation printing - what makes it different?

The method of sublimation printing on fabrics is one of the most effective printing techniques. The process of decorating advertising garments by sublimation involves the permanent penetration of ink dyes into the fabric structure. These dyes combine exclusively with polyester fibers. Sublimation is a simple yet effective chemical process that makes it possible to reproduce multicolored and complex designs on advertising garments and textiles. The great advantage of this method is that the print is practically imperceptible, which is why it is often used in the production of sportswear.

The procedure for sublimation printing on T-shirts involves printing the design on special sublimation paper using sublimation inks. The resulting design is then transferred to the polyester material using a flat transfer press. This technique makes it possible to use an unlimited range of colors, achieve smooth tonal transitions, high precision, durability and sharpness of details, and perfect smoothness of the print - the effect of blending into the material.

The prints are extremely durable, and the fabrics retain their breathability even during intensive use in extreme conditions.

White women's t-shirt for sublimation - 200g/m2 TEXGRAW material

The TEXGRAW brand is a brand that combines two key elements. The first is the excellent material - nice to the touch, pleasant to wear, perfectly fitting on the body. T-shirts made from it can be washed at up to 40°C without fear of losing color or cut. 

The second is the ability to print any graphic design (graphics and photos) using the sublimation method. The size of the print is unlimited, allowing you to create original garments. The print is indelible to the touch and durable (maintaining its appearance throughout the life of the product). Invariably, for many years, it has found recognition among both retail and business customers, creating high-quality advertising garments on the basis of our T-shirts.

Exceptional quality and convenience of our sublimation t-shirts

Our T-shirts are highly regarded by retail and business customers for their reliability and durability. All T-shirts are packaged in reusable foil sealed packaging for easy storage after transfer. In addition, they come with tags confirming the highest quality workmanship. 

Quick-drying material and solid finish

Our white T-shirt is made of quick-drying material, ensuring comfort even on hot days. In addition, double stitching on the collar, sleeves and bottom guarantees the robustness and durability of our products. 


Sublimation t-shirt for business and personalized private gifts

The white T-shirt will be perfect as advertising apparel for a company, school or organization. It can also be an original gift for loved ones or a souvenir of various events, such as rallies, concerts or anniversaries. It guarantees the highest quality and perfect color reproduction.


FABRIC: Polyester
COLOR: White
CUT: Female
FABRIC WEIGHT: : 200 g/m2



Transfer technology:

The T-shirt can be printed by sublimation using any flatbed transfer press. Before the actual transfer, the T-shirt should be closed in the press for about 3 seconds to get rid of moisture. To prevent the transfer from penetrating to the other side of the material, it is recommended to insert a photocopy sheet inside the T-shirt. In order to avoid possible dirt, the T-shirt along with the print can be covered with a sheet of plain paper. The printing area is limited only by the size of the print/transfer press. Transfer parameters can be found in the "transfer parameters" tab.


SALES UNIT: : 1 pc.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our export specialist.


Transfer technology
The product is intended for printing in sublimation technology. It can be printed in any flat press.
The print (printer with sublimation ink and sublimation paper) should be made with mirroring.
Transfer temperature
195 °C
Transfer time:
45 s
Przed wykonaniem transferu należy zamknąć koszulkę w prasie na kilka sekund w celu usunięcia wilgoci. Aby uniknąć przenikania nadruku pomiędzy frontem a tyłem koszulki, do środka należy włożyć czystą kartkę papieru.
Additional information
The parameters are only an approximate value and may vary depending on the transfer press used, the heater condition or the ambient conditions.

Why Grawerton?

We are longest actively selling sublimation company in Poland.

With use of our technology, our sublimation items and instructions you will get very high quality results.

Strong technical assistance for our technology

On our page, next to every product we provide detailed instructions for sublimation of our every product.

We offer marketing support - open versions of some of our promotional materials in various formats.

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