Set for sublimation MUGS FOR START
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Set for sublimation MUGS FOR START

Set for sublimation MUGS FOR START

The set includes a multifunctional transfer press for Schwitzler White Horizon mugs and 2 cartons of Red ORCA sublimation mugs.

The package includes:
TRANSFER PRESS: Multifunctional mug press Schwitzler White Horizon
MUGS: 2 box (72 pieces) sublimation mugs Red ORCA

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Product description:

The package includes a universal press for printing on mugs: four heaters included in the set, it allows you to print classic, small and large latte mugs and MINI cups. Imprints immediately after receiving the package. An interesting addition is the handbook (in the form of a pdf file) "Sublimation step by step" introducing you to the world of printing with sublimation technology. It allows you to learn many details about making prints and is a rich source of knowledge for both - more and less experienced users.


Skład pakietu:
TRANSFER PRESS: Multifunctional mug press
MUGS: 72 pieces of sublimation mugs Red ORCA
EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS: Coursebook "Sublimation step by step" (Pdf.)


Package composition:

Detailed technical data and operating instructions can be found in the descriptions of individual devices included in the package.


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