Professional starter set FLAT MATERIALS ECO
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Professional starter set FLAT MATERIALS ECO

Set for sublimation ECO FLAT MATERIALS

The set includes all devices and consumables necessary to make the highest quality prints on flat materials up to A4 format.

Package includes:
PRINTER: Printer EPSON L1100 with a set of sublimation inks Grawerton INK
TRANSFER PRESS: Manual flat transfer press Secabo TC2
PAPER: Printing paper in sublimation technology Grawerton PAPER A4
ACCESSORIES: Self-adhesive tape resistant to high temperatures

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Product description:

The set includes a modern A4 Epson L1110 printer with a set (CMYK) of Grawerton INK sublimation inks and A4 Grawerton PAPER sublimation paper (100 sheets). The package also includes a manual Secabo TC2 flat press. The set is complemented by a heat-resistant tape used to attach printouts to materials. The set allows you to make high-quality prints with the sublimation technology on a wide range of flat products: aluminum sheets, T-shirts, bags, mouse pads and many others.


Package composition:
TRANSFER PRESS: Manual transfer press Secabo TC2
SUBLIMATION PRINTER: Epson L1110 with a set of sublimation inks
SUBLIMATION PAPER: Package (100 sheets) A4 Grawerton PAPER
ACCESSORIES: High temperature resistant tape


Technical details:

Detailed technical data and operating instructions can be found in the descriptions of individual devices included in the package.


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