Aluminium and steel for sublimation

Our aluminium and steel category offers a variety of products for sublimation printing. Discover the wealth of aluminium and steel materials that will serve your various projects.

Sheets in Sheets - Platinum 0.55 mm Series: The foundation of Our Offer

The Platinum 0.55 mm series provides unparalleled quality in our range of sublimation sheets. Perfect for precise and permanent printing on a wide variety of products. Ideal for traditional applications where precise colour reproduction and high resolution detail are key.

Sheets in Sheets - Platinum PLUS Series: Resistance to Atmospheric Conditions

The Platinum PLUS series offers increased resistance to atmospheric conditions, ideal for outdoor applications. It is the perfect choice for projects requiring durability even in harsh conditions.

Sheets in Sheets - e-Platinum 0.4 mm Series: Economical solutions

The e-Platinum 0.4 mm series is for customers looking for economic solutions. It offers robustness while maintaining an attractive price.

Sheets in Sheets - Prime 1 mm Series: Unusual Solutions

Seria Prime 1 mm to niezwykle solidna, gruba blacha, która sprawdzi się do nietypowych projektów.

Plate sizes - Platinum series: Precision fitting

Platinum series sheets in formats are cut and matched sheets to the size of the sleepers. They provide a tailored fit for a variety of project needs.

Aluminium discs - Platinum series: Ideal for Medals

Krążki aluminiowe z serii Platinum to materiał wykorzystywany do wykonania medali czy odznaczeń.

Shield-shaped discs - Matched to a wooden backing

Shield-shaped plates precisely matched to a wooden backing.

Enamel mugs

Enamelled mugs are classic dishes that find their place in both traditional and modern kitchens. Robust, durable and functional. Ideal for travelling.


Our range includes magnets for sublimation, very popular advertising gadgets as well as holiday souvenirs.

Bidons and thermal mugs

Bidons and thermal mugs for sublimation printing are not only practical accessories but also effective vehicles for brand promotion.

Other Products

In this category you will also find other products, such as steel openers, which are practical and useful items. The possibility to personalise these products allows you to create unique advertising gadgets or gifts.