Plastics for sublimation

Personalisation is key in today's world, which is why we offer a wide range of sublimation plastics to create unique gadgets and advertising products. Find out more about our products!

Keychains: Meaning in Small Details

Key rings are a practical and aesthetically pleasing marketing tool. Their small marking area focuses on the most important information: company name, logo or short text. Ideal for identifying keys in institutions, hotels or guest houses, as well as a souvenir or gift.

Identyfires: For you and your pet

Personalisation badges are not only practical identification tools but also indispensable promotional gadgets. They are perfect for various events, trade fairs or conferences, where they make it easier to identify people.  You will also find ID badges designed specifically for pets. They are easy to attach to a collar, which makes them not only useful but also safe for your four-legged friends.

Mouse pads: Work comfort and aesthetics

Sublimation-printed mouse pads provide not only work comfort but also aesthetics. The high quality and durability of the print make them a great corporate and private gadget.

Plastic sheets: Versatile use

Plastic sheets form the basis for a variety of advertising applications - from plaques to signage. Their one-sided printing is an excellent form of information presentation.

Wallets: Everyday Functionality with a Personal Touch

Personalised wallets are an element of everyday usability with a unique personal touch. We offer wallets for children, which can be printed with your favourite superhero or your child's name.

Backpacks: Comfortable, Durable and Practical

As well as being a practical everyday item, backpacks are also an effective advertising gadget. Loved by customers because of their practical use and durability.

Other Products: Sublimation in Everyday

The category also includes products such as teddy bears, notebooks or bookmarks, which become unique and personalised gifts or gadgets.

Discover our diverse range of sublimation plastics, with which you can give a unique touch to a variety of everyday objects and promotional gadgets! Sublimation is not just about printing - it's about adding a personal touch to any product! 

With sublimation, you can stand out from the crowd by presenting unique designs, logos or information on a variety of items.